During the Middle Ages hypnotism was mistaken for witchcraft. A hundred years ago, hypnotists were considered no better than snake oil salesmen and were often run out of town or tarred and feathered. At the same time, hypnotists have provided entertainment in vaudeville shows or circus tents to entranced audiences. This dual attitude suggests the confusion and fascination we all have for the mysterious art known as hypnotism. Today, practitioners of hypnotism are trainers of professional sports teams, psychoanalysts, psychologists and university researchers. It is clear that the science of hypnotism has come a long way!

In fact, hypnosis is more powerful than you might think. When practiced properly, hypnosis can literally change your life. Not only is hypnosis a road to self-empowerment, self-discovery, and self-improvement, using hypnosis on others has dramatic effects on the way you interact and relate. If nothing else, hypnotizing people at parties can be a fun way to become the center of attention. After reading this guide, you will have the basic skills to hypnotize another person as well as hypnotizing yourself. Whatever your goals, remember: enjoy!


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